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          Guarantee & Repairs Policy        System                             Needle Holders
                                            •  Equine (Arthroscopic)           •  Repair is necessary when needle holder
          Sontec®  surgical instruments  are  guaran-  •  Eye                  no longer securely holds needle when
          teed  to be free of defects in materials and   •  Neurology & Orthopedic  locked on the second ratchet tooth, and
          workmanship. Any Sontec® instrument that   •  Orthopedic & Arthroscopic  needle turns easily by hand
          is defective will be repaired or replaced at our   •  Urology        Please Note
          discretion. Instruments  not  properly cared   •  Veterinary Dental
          for, used for unintended purposes, or beyond   •  Veterinary Eye     •  We are not responsible for typographical
          their designed  capacity will  not be covered   •  General Veterinary Instrumentation  errors in this catalog
          under this guarantee. Our liability under this   Also, if you do not find what you are looking   •  Instruments pictured in this catalog may
          guarantee is limited to the repair or replace-  for, please contact us.  or may not be to size
          ment of the defective merchandise.                                   •  Variations and changes in instrument
                                            Instrument Care                    design are possible
          Sontec®  has  its own  repair department                             •  Pricing is subject to change without notice
          where most mechanically functional instru-                           •  Delivery schedules may vary from original
          ments can be returned to like-new condition.  Designed and crafted to exacting specifica-  estimates
                                            tions, surgical  instruments will  perform  for   •  Some items are for veterinary use
          Sontec® performs a variety of repairs, such   a number of years, provided they are main-
          as  replacing worn  TC  jaws  or  sharpening   tained correctly and used for their intended   Contact Info
          scissors. In addition, we complete a compre-  purpose. A strict maintenance schedule will
          hensive evaluation of your instruments to de-  help reduce the need for premature replace-  Sontec Instruments, Inc.
          termine if further service is required.  ments, thus cutting  costs. For proper safe-  7248 South Tucson Way
                                            guarding of surgical instruments, please read   Centennial, Colorado 80112, USA
          For repair service, please send the following   and share the following information.  Toll free: 800.821.7496
          directly to the address below:    •  Never substitute sterilization for   Local: 303.790.9411
          •  Instruments clean, sterilized, securely   cleanliness   
          wrapped and carefully packaged.   •  Wash brand new instruments prior  to the
          •  Purchase and/or repair order   first sterilization
          •  A note with contact and shipping   •  Remove saline solution, bleach, blood
          information                       and tissue from instruments quickly and
          •  Sending multiple items eliminates $50   thoroughly
          minimum charge                    •  Always use distilled water for cleaning
          Return Policy                     •  Never use saline solution for cleaning
          The  return of new, unused instruments  in   •  Prevent cross-corrosion by  separating
          their original packaging is accepted within 30   corroded instruments  from other
          days of purchase with an authorized "Return   instruments
          Merchandise Authorization". Please contact   •  Never autoclave econo-grade stainless
          Sontec directly by phone or email with your   with superior-grade stainless.
          invoice or proof of purchase in order to ob-  •  Always autoclave instruments with box
          tain your RMA slip and instructions. Restock-  lock open to alleviate pressure at the joint
          ing fee applies and credit will not be issued   and to prevent fracture
          for shipping charges or handling fees. Proper   •  Lubricate joint and box lock after cleaning
          credit  is not  guaranteed  without  an  RMA.   with an anti-microbial,  water soluble
          Custom, Special Order or Modified items are   lubricant
          non-returnable.                   •  Protect the tips of delicate instruments
                                            with protective covers (see page a.)
          Sontec Instruments, Inc.          •  Never use an instrument for anything
          Toll free: 800.821.7496           other than its intended use
          Local: 303.790.9411
     Additional Safeguarding
                                            Scissors and Other Blades
          Sontec® offers other catalogs for a variety of   •  Perform routine inspections for sharpness,
          surgical instrumentation, including:  as a blade becomes duller with each stroke
                                            (all operating and Mayo scissors should be
          •  Alligator, Grasping, & Biopsy Forceps  able to cut through four layers of gauze)
          •  Avian & Exotic                 •  When blades no longer cut without an
          •  Bandage Scissors               excessive amount of force, please return
          •  Cardiovascular & Thoracoscopic  them to Sontec® for resharpening
          •  Caspar & Cloward Retractor Systems
          •  Colon & Rectal                 •  The more often a blade is resharpened,
                                            the longer it tends to last
          •  Cranial Cruciate Ligament Lateral Suture

          4                              Colorado, USA / 1.800.821.7496 /
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