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Troubleshooting Guide

                       Problem       Cause                            Solution

                       Rust          Worn chrome plating on           Be aware of plating condition and remove from
                                     brass instruments                service when wear is visible.

                                     Cross-corrosion from carbon      Keep carbon steel and stainless steel
                                     instruments to stainless steel   instruments separated during cleaning and
                                     Low grade instruments may
                                     not have been passivated         Remove from service.

                                     Autoclave not operating properly  Clean and thoroughly flush water lines
                                                                      in sterilizer according to manufacturer’s
                                                                      instructions. Only use distilled water, never tap
                                                                      water, to generate steam.
                                     Organic matter left on
                                     instrument after surgery         Remove all blood and tissue before drying.
                                                                      Use distilled water and a nylon brush to
                                                                      clean hard to reach areas.
                       Pitting       Prolonged exposure to corrosive   Only use approved cleaning and sterilization
                                     chemicals and/or organic substances  solutions. Thoroughly rinse and dry instruments.

                       Orange /      Contaminated sterilizer, high alkaline   Clean sterilizer. Use neutral pH solutions.
                       Brown Stains  detergent, cold disinfectants    Thoroughly clean, rinse, and dry instruments.

                       Bluish Black   Mixing dissimilar metals during cleaning   Separate carbon steel, aluminum, and stainless
                       Stains        and sterilization                steel instruments.

                       Rainbow -     Chromium oxide stain-result of   Send in for polishing and hardness check.
                       olored Stains  excessive heat
                       Cracked Box   Excessive force, sterilized in the closed   Replace the instrument.
                       Lock          position
                       Cracked Jaw   Cutting pin at tip of jaws       Replace the instrument. Cut pin in center of
                       on Pin Cutter                                  jaws.

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