Sontec Instruments offers a complete line of the finest surgical instrumentation for all specialties. Cardiovascular/Thoracic, Urological, Orthopedic, Arthroscopic, ENT, Ophthalmic, Plastic Surgery, Dermal, Neurosurgical, Microsurgical and the list goes on and on… Whether you are the purchasing agent for a large hospital, or the only doctor in a small town clinic, we will treat you like our best customer - because you are.

Tungsten Carbide Medical Instruments

We have a broad range of medical instruments that are available with TC inserts or TC Dust. TC gives you the better grasping surface you need. Our TC dusting process allows us to fuse tiny tungsten carbide particles directly onto the working end of the instrument. Since these particles are so small, abrasion is greatly reduced. This is especially important on cardiovascular and microsurgical instruments.

Titanium Medical Instruments

Our titanium medical instruments line is one of our most popular. These medical instruments are incomparably stronger, lighter and they last longer than traditional stainless steel medical instruments. The corrosion resistant and non-magnetic properties of titanium also give it an advantage.

Are your surgical instruments not working they way they should be?

Well, you’re in luck because Sontec Instruments has its own in-house repair department. Our expert repair technicians can return any fine quality, mechanically functioning medical instrument to like-new condition. Turnaround time is minimal because repairs are done in-house. Just download and complete our repair form and the certificate of sterilization and please send together with repairs directly to our Centennial address. (Make sure you send them via UPS or Insured Mail for your protection).

Do you have an idea for a new medical instrument?

Sontec Instruments has been known to make custom instruments for specific procedures that were never available before. We can work with you to determine if your idea is possible, and if it is, make it a reality.